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Hi! I’m Merry, in name and in spirit. I’m going to tell you a bit about me. But what I really love talking about is YOU and your path to U. But not in that stuffy, stressful, superiority complex a warm, smiley, encouraging way. After all, this is not Stressy U, it’s Merry U--and since you’ve found your way here, I know you’re already breathing a sigh of relief. (It’s ok to relax your shoulders now too--promise.)

Learn More About Merry and her Passion for Prep!
  • 9th & 10th Grade

    Let the fun begin! Don’t wait til 11th grade to start thinking about your future self. Let’s use this time to learn who you are and what you love. Then, when the time is right, college planning will be meaningful and fun!

  • 11th Grade

    From SAT and ACT to crafting your college list, Merry will help you choose the program that best fits your needs so that you feel purposeful and empowered throughout your journey toward college.

  • 12th Grade

    Together we will carefully curate your essays and applications to ensure you arrive at the college destination that was meant for you, ready to embark on your next exciting adventure. Our "end" becomes your new beginning.

Hear it from Merry U Moms:

"Positive, encouraging, supportive....priceless." -Stacy, Merry U Mom 2021

"I am thankful every day for all that Merry did to spark my daughter. I would recommend her to anyone who asks!!!!" Jamie, Merry U Mom 2020

"Merry knew exactly which test was better for my daughter and was able to help her research colleges that were in her target and reach schools. It was an even bigger help that Merry made my daughter take ownership over the process and research the schools herself...I really feel that my daughter knew about the schools she was applying to and her chances of getting into each school." -Jill, Merry U Mom 2020

Don't you want to feel this way after your family's college prep too?

(I thought you would!)

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